You are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, getting admission into an MBBS course in the Philippines is no easy task. You will need the help of an MBBS admission consultant Philippines to help you in your search for a good college. The MBBS degree is the foundation for any doctor’s career and you need to ensure that you weigh all the pros and cons before you can choose a good consultant who will help you with your task. We will help you to make your decision easier by providing you with the three most important factors that you will need to think about before choosing your MBBS admission consultant Philippines.

Factor number 1: Reputation

You must check the background and the history of the consultant before you talk to anyone at all. You will need to consider the tenure of the consultant, any international certifications or affiliations that they have, and any awards that they have received in recognition of their services. Any good consultant who has been working in the education industry for at least two to three years will always have a well-designed website and you should be able to get all the information there, however , do not trust anything that they have presented on their website, make sure to verify every fact and ensure its authenticity. Many consultants claim that they are affiliated or approved by the government body, however, not all of them are telling the truth, you must cross verify the facts stated by them. If a consultant is reputable for having a good success rate then they will also be able to provide you with contact details of their past clients who you can talk to before making your decision.

Factor Number 2: International recognition and certification

In today’s small world connected by the internet and mobile communications, everyone wants to go abroad and get their education. In fact, students immigrating abroad for studies are very common in today’s era and this has given rise to many fake and fraud consultants. They claim to help you get your admissions and visa easily and very cheaply, however, beware, they will dupe you of your money and claim that your visa was rejected or that you did not clear the interviews. TO prevent this kind of rampant fraud international education bodies have setup certifications for immigration agents. Always ensure that the MBBS admission consultant Philippines who you decide to work with is a certified agent and this will ensure that you will be safe from being duped and ditched.

Factor Number 3: Fees

Consultation fee plays an important part in the budget of any parent that wishes for their student to migrate abroad for higher education. It is always important that you sit down with your shortlisted consultants and try to negotiate on the fees that they will charge beforehand. It is also important that you agree to this fee in writing to ensure that there is no overcharging or fee inflation at a later stage. Almost every consultant will agree to this and will have no objection to sitting down for a negotiation with a genuine student.


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